2018 Summer Collection

Our new EVOQE Revtek range of Kevlar motorcycle jeans feature innovative designs with seamless finish and are available in vintage blue and black. Our jeans are designed with comfort, protection and performance in mind. Our Kevlar lining ensures cut, heat and abrasion resistance. Forcefield CE 1621-1 2012 Level 2 approved Isolator 2 upgrade knee armour is included as standard.

Knee armour can be inserted inside hidden armour pockets which ensure that the armour remains in the best position during riding. The armour is easily removable via the hidden pocket from the outside to accommodate our riders' fast lifestyle.

While looking like standard fashion jeans Revtek jeans are built for motorcycle riders and offer reliable protection. These Motorcycle jeans are part lined with 100% original DuPont Kevlar at all important impact areas including hip, side thighs and knee. Kevlar lining is seamlessly attached to these Motorcycle jeans with additional internal poly cotton lining for abrasion protection.

Forcefield Isolator 2 upgrade knee armour CE Level 2 offers superior protection as compared to CE level 1 armour. It has passed CE level 2 test from 10.6 KN (Pass level 2 requirements is less than 20 KN). Our amour is soft, comfortable and is made from memory foam with Repeat Protection technology. The super soft heat-reactive Isolator 2 knee armour is light weight and thin yet offers high impact absorption.

EVOQE Gladiax motorcycle Kevlar jeans offer maximum protection with Kevlar lining from waistband to ankle cuff. Gladiax jeans are available with a seamless slim fit design in vintage blue. Gladiax Jeans ensure extreme cut, heat & abrasion resistance covering the entire lower body. Gladiax jeans are premium quality products designed to offer maximum protection and peace of mind while motorcycling.

Forcefield CE 1621 -1 2012 Level 2 Isolator 2 Upgrade armours is included as standard. These armours can be inserted in concealed knee pockets with hidden zip from outside.

Evoqe Liberte is our newest motorcycle jeans for women lined with original DuPont Kevlar. Sporting a high waist, slim fit tapered design with premium stretch denim, Liberte jeans offer style, safety and comfort. Forcefield CE 1621 -1 2012 Level 2 approved Isolator 2 Upgrade knee armour is included as standard. It can be inserted from the outside pocket and can be removed easily once you are off the bike. Wear these with your favourite jacket for a trendy look and enjoy your ride with style, protection and performance.

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