November Giveaway – Estrada Motorcycle Jeans

With winter descending in all it’s glory, it’s time to get out our warmest, most functional clothes out of the closet. For a motorbike rider, however, safe motorcycle clothing traditionally means wearing heavy leather motorcycle trousers and thick armoured jackets.

In modern time, it has become easier for bikers to move around in winters wearing practical motorbike armoured jeans rather than thick and uncomfortable leather pants. Manufacturers for motorbike jeans have increased tenfold in recent years. EVOQE London is an established motorcycle clothing brand that creates authentic and high-quality motorcycle aramid jeans for every day commuting and touring purposes.

This November, EVOQE has come up with a treat for our customers—our November giveaway! This winter you can win a free pair of EVOQE’s premium motorcycle aramid jeans to fulfill all of your biking endeavors. In this article, we are going to discuss the simple and easy steps you can take to make sure you take our Estrada Aramid Motorcycle Jeans home.

The Giveaway Jeans

Estrada is one of EVOQE’s finest products. It is made with soft, supple materials and strong construction—a combination that provides both comfort and protection against the elements. This pair of 3-layer jeans comes with a stretch denim exterior, a middle Kevlar lining on all high impact areas (knees, hips, side thighs) and a soft cotton inner lining. Strong seams are ensured through double stitching technique. Seam strength is of tantamount importance in deciding whether you suffer or escape from grave injuries. In a crash, Estrada’s iron-strong seams stay together, giving you extra protection.

These motorcycle trousers are lined with the finest quality, original DuPont Kevlar and come with free armour. Armour pads for knee and hip are included for free. EVOQE ensures the durability and performance of all of its products; which is why the armour we include in with your product is CE Level 1 EN 1621-1: 2012 approved. Its quick removability and easy-access makes the pair of jeans more versatile as they can be worn on and off the bike.

The motorbike jeans are priced at £119.99. You can get this motorcycle clothing product for free by following the steps given below!

How to Enter

  1. Visit EVOQE’s Facebook Page (
  2. On the page, like and share the recently pinned post.
  3. To lock in your participation in the giveaway, click here ( to subscribe to our Messenger.
  4. You’re all done!

When Does the Giveaway End?

In the pinned post on our Facebook page, you will also find a link that you can click to avail more information about our Estrada motorbike jeans. The giveaway ends at Sunday, November 24 2019, at 4.00 PM. The winner of the giveaway will be announced via Messenger!

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