How to Choose Correct Positioning of The Knee Armour in Motorcycle Jeans?

A question that frequently crops ups among new riders are worries about the correct positioning of the knee armour in motorcycle Jeans.  Where exactly should it be placed? Should it be a snug fit or a slightly loose one? And how will the position of the knee armour change in different positions?

Why is Knee Armour important in motorcycle jeans?

Knee armour protects your knee from getting injured. This is important not only because your knee is a joint formed by your thigh and shin bone and is, in turn, weak, but also because its one of the high impact areas in a crash.  You’re more likely to damage your knee than any other part of your lower body.

Can you ride without knee armour? The answer is yes, you can. But doing so, you would be running the risk of serious injury to your knee. It has happened before to seasoned riders and has made the moto-garment industry more informed and driven to create protective armour. In short, knee armour is there for a reason.

Correct Positioning of Knee Armour in motorcycle Kevlar Jeans

But even after wearing armour, the query of its correct positioning remains. Knee armour is no good if its sits above or below your knee cap when you’re sitting down on your bike. Knee armour has a concave structure so that when you’re sitting down the armour should cover your kneecap entirely. When you sit on your bike, your legs naturally bend and the jeans hike up a few inches. This means that when you’re standing, your knee armour might sit slightly on lower side of your knee, however it will be positioned correctly on knee once in riding position.

If motorbike jeans are too baggy and loose especially around knee area then the armour will not fall in place and will move around with jeans fabric. Motorcycle Jeans which have a tailored fit and are snug at the knee will keep the armour in the correct position and thus protect you in the case of an accident.

When you’re buying armoured motorcycle jeans, it’s best to choose a length which fits you best in the riding position. This is because your motorcycle Kevlar jeans will ride up to the perfect position and your armour will fall into place.

Not all ready-made motorcycle jeans sizes will be perfect for your body as everyone has unique body shape and individual preference. Moreover, you might find that a longer inseam length is slightly off on you but it’s a perfect fit for someone else with a build similar to yours. If you get motorbike jeans that are too long on you, you might find that the armour is not positioned correctly in the riding position and may not protect you if you fall off the bike. Your armour would instantly become worthless. It is imperative that you choose correct leg length of motorcycle jeans to ensure that knee armour is positioned correctly to protect you knee,  if your jeans is either too short or too long then you may find that knee armour is not in its right place to protect your knee.

Another thing to ensure the armour stays in place during a crash is to have Velcro panels stitched into the inside of knee armour pockets, so that once you’ve sat down on the bike and the knee armour is positioned, the Velcro will keep the armour firmly in place in the pocket. EVOQE motorcycle jeans feature armour pockets which are securely stitched with outer seams and have Velcro to keep armour firmly in place. The knee armour pocket is used in jeans that come with removable armour. EVOQE Motorcycle Kevlar Jeans feature highest quality CE Level 2 approved Forcefield Isolator Upgrade Knee and Hip armour.

With just a few simple measures, you can find the perfect sweet spot for your knee armour, all the while ensuring that it does its job and stays in place in the case of a fall.


  • May 12, 2019
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