How safe are EVOQE Motorcycle Jeans?

EVOQE motorcycle jeans are designed to achieve higher safety standards and we hold the belief that a rider should never compromise on style or safety. We manufacture a wide range of motorcycle jeans using high quality materials which are tested to last longer and offer better protection. We collaborate closely with companies involved in manufacturing safety materials and incorporate these safety features in our products. Our aim is to offer our customers the highest quality products designed to meet their safety requirements.

Our motorcycle jeans are designed in the UK and feature an ergonomic fit for a more comfortable ride. All design aspects are tested in actual riding conditions and rider feedback is constantly incorporated to improve our products. We use a 13 Oz heavy duty stretch denim fabric as outer shell. Our motorbike Kevlar jeans are stitched using strong 4 ply polyester thread which offers excellent seam strength. Strong seams are the first line of defense in a crash as they hold the outer fabric together as well as the internal protective aramid lining. Our motorcycle jeans have either double stitched outer seam construction or the multi layered inside seam construction to ensure that they will hold in case of an accident.

We use high density DuPont™ Kevlar® aramid in internal lining of our motorcycle jeans. Aramid used in our jeans meets abrasion test requirements for prEN 17092 technical standards. Our motorcycle jeans are made to provide maximum protection without sacrificing comfort or reducing the ability to control the motorcycle. It is important to understand that no protective garment can offer 100% protection against injuries.

EVOQE has a close business partnership with Forcefield, who offer protective armour for various applications. The armour is certified to CE EN 1621-1:2012 technical standards. To pass this standard the mean maximum transmitted force should be 20 kN or less and no single value should be over 50 kN. Forcefield CE Level 2 Isolator Upgrade armour passes CE Level 2 test as it only transmits 10.6 kN, which entails that they are the highest quality armour. CE Level 2 protection ensures that the armour reduces the impact to the rider’s knee during a fall. Their ability to absorb more than half the shock of impact make them some of the safest body armour worldwide. Our motorcycle jeans offer high impact protection and feature Forcefield CE Level 2 armour, which are embedded in knee and hip pockets.

With added memory properties, high density formulations and innovative design shapes, this armour is one of the slimmest on the market, while passing the very latest CE standards. The armour has passed not only ambient and wet tests, but also the extreme cold and hot temperature tests. They are super soft to touch and wear yet have incredible protective strength. The new Isolator upgrade range of armour adds huge added value to our motorcycle product range.

Road and weather conditions are ever-changing and the rider is always vulnerable to a number of different dangers which makes it important to provide bikers with top quality motorcycle jeans which will minimize injury. EVOQE strives to do just that. With its focus on technological innovations, we are moving ahead steadily towards even better leg wear options for riders worldwide.

“DuPont TM and KEVLAR® are registered trademarks or trademarks of E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company and are used with permission”.


  • Mar 28, 2019
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