Forcefield CE Armour

EVOQE uses CE approved armour in Motorcycle jeans and trousers. We have now upgraded from CE L1  to CE L2 armours.

Forecfield body armour is designed and Developed in Great Britain for over 25 years with one philosophy, to be the best with no compromise! Specialising in soft armour technology from the beginning,

Forcefield Body Armour creates industry leading, award winning sport protection. Ultimate comfort, Ultimate safety, thanks to Forcefield’s unique key features:


All armour is fully vented for increased airflow and maximum comfort in use


Dynamic, Reactive and Intelligent materials mixed together in unique ways to ensure the very best energy absorption


Unique 3-Dimensional moulding characteristics make the armour feel like part of the body


The smart materials react to a little body heat, resulting in even more comfort and secure fitting


Individual multiple layers move independently for increased flexibility and shock absorbing ability


Isolator 1 Upgrade Armour

The new Forcefield Isolator 1 offers the best CE Level 1 protection whilst maintaining low weight and minimal size.

Designed to replace existing bulky armour, the super soft heat reactive Isolator 1 armour is just 8mm thick (Limb armour) and offers superior impact protection having been tested and passed against the latest CE 1 standards

including Ambient and wet tests. Forcefield Isolator 1 HIP Product code: FF4008-H (230 x 115mm Max H x W) 80g weight KNEE Product code: FF4008-K (240 x 165mm Max H x W) 114g weights new fashion description 

  • Mar 12, 2018
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