Do your knees hurt due to Motorcycle Jeans knee armour?

Knee armour is one of the most important components that make up a rider’s protective motorcycle jeans or trousers. Knees are considered to be a Zone 1 body area. This means that in case of a crash, they are the most likely to get hurt by impact or abrasion. For this reason, it is important that you wear motorcycle protective jeans or trousers with armour pads over your knees to prevent any serious injury. Motorcyclists have learned through years of painful experience that wearing protective motorcycle jeans with knee armour over your knees, even if it is a bit uncomfortable, is much better than going bare and risk getting injured.

Moto-sport and body armour industries do their best to provide users with knee armours that are soft, light and comfortable for use in motorbike jeans. Soft armour pads used in motorcycle jeans have recently become more popular than hard ones as they are more comfortable and flexible. They fit the shape of the knee snugly, are easier to keep in place during a ride and absorb shock effectively. However, a few factors can result in the rider getting hurt from wearing the knee armour itself. There is no serious kind of injury involved but if you wear the wrong knee armour or wear them in the wrong place, they will end up hurting. Such an effect works against the intention for which armour is made and must be solved.

So why do knee caps hurt due to motorcycle jeans knee armour? What you need to understand is that your knees are shaped in a particular way and someone else’s might be different. Using a pair of knee armour because you’ve heard they work well is not enough. You need to check if they fit over your knees in a comfortable manner. If they don’t and you continue using them, chances are you will get a bad case of sore and painful knees.

Secondly even if you get a pair that suits you perfectly, you are still wearing a piece of synthetic material against the hard knee caps. This will cause a resistive force and your knees would experience a pulling sensation upwards. Now this isn’t obvious right off the bat. Most knee armours, unless they are very high quality, will show resistance against the knee joint. Usually, this results in the riders’ knee caps hurting when they’re doing other activities like walking up the staircase. Your knee cap may also hurt in extended riding positions. This is because of the extra strain on the knee armour under the motorcycle jeans.

Knee pain is no one’s friend. It leads to the rider being uncomfortable and experiencing mild to intense pain from time to time in the shin and knee area.  It might cause obstruction during everyday tasks. The solution to the pain is to use high quality knee armour shaped close to the shape of your knee cap. The latter is relative and is up to the customer to choose carefully.  In EVOQE jeans, the quality of the armour, however, is taken care of.

EVOQE motorcycle Kevlar jeans collection such as the Gladiax Relaxed, Tourx, Xplore Motorcycle Kevlar Jeans use Forcefield Isolator Upgrade Knee and Hip Armour.  Forcefield is a renowned name in the body armour industry and manufactures excellent quality armour.

Forcefield Isolator Upgrade knee and hip armours are CE EN 1621 Level 2 certified. To pass this standard the mean maximum transmitted force must be below 20 kN or less and no single value should be over 50 kN. Forcefield CE Level 2 Isolator Upgrade armour passes CE Level 2 test from 10.6 kN, which entails that they are the highest quality armours. Ranking CE Level 2 means that the protector transmits less of an impact to the rider’s knee during a fall. Their ability to absorb more than half the shock of impact makes them one of the best manufacturers of body armour worldwide.

Forcefield Knee and hip armours are soft, comfortable, light and breathable. They stay cool in hot and humid weathers and dissipate heat evenly through the surface. The impact force is also spread all over the armour surface. The soft armour moulds to the shape of the knee cap, perfect for the problem of knee pain. Better shaped knee armour is the first step to minimizing and even eliminating knee cap pain during extended motorcycle riding.

EVOQE jeans mentioned above use Forcefield Islolator Upgarde CE level 2 armour. Other EVOQE products like the Liberte Motorcycle Jeans for Women and Revtek Motorcycle Jeans for Men uses high quality CE EN 1621-1:2012 Level 2 certified soft knee and hip armour.


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