Care Guide for EVOQE Kevlar Jeans

Motorcycle Kevlar jeans are quite popular these days. These jeans are comfortable and trendy and offer good protection on and off the bike. EVOQE Motorcycle jeans are lined with 100% DuPont Kevlar as inside lining on side thighs, back and front knees.

 It is essential to take good care of your Kevlar jeans and if you follow our guidelines you can preserve your jeans’ performance and quality for longer.  

We use heavy duty stretch denim fabric as an outer shell and 300 GSM original DuPont Kevlar as internal lining. These good quality materials will not wear out for a long time if proper washing guidelines are followed. We would suggest washing only when necessary. If you ride too frequently and jeans are soiled then you may wash as required. During washing some dye may transfer to other parts of jeans or to the Kevlar itself. Jeans may tend to shrink slightly after first few washes as they are made of cotton, this shrinkage is generally lengthwise. Jeans can lose some shine during washing; however there is no impact on performance of Kevlar.

  • Kevlar can tolerate majority of washing chemicals however a neutral and soft soap free from powerful solvents should be used. Bleach is harmful for Kevlar and must never be used.
  • Washing has almost no effect on the abrasion and cut resistant properties of Kevlar motorbike jeans.
  • Don’t forget to remove the armour, as the washing can adversely impact them.
  • Be careful and wash the jeans at 30 C in short washing cycles.
  • Never expose directly in front of sun, as the ultra violet rays may damage the Kevlar
  • Tumble dry warm and do not dry clean
  • Jul 07, 2018
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